RLlib Office Hours - Now open for signup

Hey everyone, we would like to start offering “office hours” for RLlib, which will basically be 30min video chats with @sven1977 to debug/unblock issues together.

If you are interested, please fill out this form here (~2min) to let us know what times and days-of-week would work best for you. We’ll get back to you with a calendly link then to schedule the actual day+time. :slight_smile:


This is such a good idea, I was tempted to even mark the 1am slots as available :slight_smile:

@sven1977 Is there any update reagrding the office hours? I filled in the Google form but did not get any registration email.


Hey everyone, thanks for signing up. Will send out the emails tomorrow morning! Sorry for the delay, just busy with release testing these days. :slight_smile: @Lars_Simon_Zehnder @rusu24edward

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Many thanks for such a great idea. I just saw this message and I hope there are still some open slots :slight_smile:

Hi @sven1977,
are you still offering office hours for RLlib?
Thank you and best regards

Hey @thgehr , sorry, but we are no longer offering these office hours. Please ask your questions here on this forum or file an issue on github, instead.

Fyi: The RLlib team has ramped up its community support efforts and we are spending 1.5 full engineer days per week on each a) the forum here and b) github issues. We are carefully evaluating whether this cadence will help us catch up on older posts/issues over the next few months and adjust as necessary.