RLlib office hours - get live answers!

:wave: Hey everyone , we want to get to all your discuss questions! In case we have not gotten to yours yet, would you like to ask your question in our regularly scheduled RLlib Office Hours?

8-9am PT (1st, 3rd) Tuesdays. These will be live, video chats with members of the RLlib team to debug/unblock your RLlib projects. Recordings will be added to RLlib Office Hours Playlist on YouTube.

Ideal if you can add your questions to the doc below ahead of time. And link to either a github issue or discuss topic in your question. This will help to share the learnings with others.

If you want to just join us without a question, you are welcome too! Thanks! See you at Office Hours!


We want to make sure you are getting :two_hearts: , we appreciate your contributions!! To make trouble-shooting more efficient so we can help more people and answer more questions:

  1. We have turned on voting on discourse, so you can now vote per individual question.
  2. We will continue to offer dedicated time for RLlib contributors.
  3. To let us know where we should make deep dives, please take this survey.
  4. In addition to discourse for asking/answering questions, please join fellow RLlib users for chat on ray slack (invitation to slack).
  5. Old office hours are still visible on YouTube (" Show More" per video to see the questions).

As we ease into this new alternative, we will be turning the office hours into an on-demand non recurring format.