Ray[Default] vs Ray installation

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I checked installation of ray vs ray[default] (since ray[default] brings 21 additional packages)
Originally I used ray[default] because I use runtime environment (as it states in Environment Dependencies — Ray 2.0.0)
however I tried now with ray 2.0.0 and my tests work just fine with ray minimal installation.
Is the documentation regarding ray[default] correct?

I am wondering what is the correct requirement for ray[default]?
Is it only for ray cluster and dashboard as it states in: Installing Ray — Ray 2.0.0

cc @architkulkarni @GuyangSong

@sangcho I remember you were working on enabling dashboard in the minimal ray install, do you know if it’s complete? If so I’ll update the docs

I think runtime environment now works with minimal ray installation. But some features still may not be available if the runtime env requires some extra dependencies.