Ray cluster worker port

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I want to know which port does worker use to bind with master node. Can we give any static port here like raylet process start on 6379 in master.?

I need this to monitor worker node availability from our external agent. I formed on-premise ray cluster using cli.

Hi @Jules_Damji @Chen_Shen , Could anyone assist me in this

Hi @Jules_Damji ., Can you help me in this?. Random ports getting bind with master gcs process port 6379.

@BalajiSelvaraj10 The default port is 6379 that worker nodes bind to head node. But you can specify other non-default port with ray start --address=<head-node-address:port>

What precisely are you trying to do?

Does these docs help? Launching an On-Premise Cluster — Ray 2.8.0

Hi @Jules_Damji ,

Default port is 6379 for head node raylet process which is /home/xxx/site-packages/ray/core/src/ray/raylet/raylet

When connecting worker node with head node using “ray start --address=head-node-address:port”, some random port running the same process /home/xxx/site-packages/ray/core/src/ray/raylet/raylet in worker node. The port on which the raylet process running in worker node is connected with head node’s 6379 using tcp.

I want to know, could we use static port in worker to bind with head node’s 6379.?

@Jules_Damji could u help me in this., This stopped ray provisioning at my end.