Unable to connect to head node

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I am new to ray and I have a project to work on so I am trying to use ray

I am running a ubuntu 16.0.4 lts and another laptop with windows os and head node is running on ubuntu and ray starts normally when i go into worker laptop (windows ) and type ray start --address=“192.168.xxx.xxxx:xxxx”
it says local node ip: and gives me no error but when i check ray dashboard this laptop is not available there.

I googled and tried this
ray start --address=‘’ --node-ip-address=‘192.168.xx.xxx:xxx’ then it says unable to connect to gcs server check firewall or gcs address is correct.

Hey a few things.

  1. Do your machines have bidirectional networking access? In particular, for the ports listed here? Configuring Ray — Ray 1.12.1

  2. Windows multi-node support is in beta. If you’ve confirmed that the networking access is set up correctly, do you mind filling a github issue including more information such as the ray version, whether they’re on the same network, and the relevant logs from /tmp/ray/session_latest/logs on both machines?

I have very little idea of networking, I don’t know what is happening with the ports.

I am just starting ray cluster manually, first in the host machine i type ray start --head
and then in worker machine ray start --address=“192.168.x.xx:6379” ← address of head node.

I am trying to trouble shoot this since last month and now I am worried as this is not at all working. can somebody help me I am so badly in need of using disrtibuted computing for my project I am googling a lot and watching youtube videos but nothing works.

Looks like the issue went away when using 1.13, see Can't connect workers to cluster - #8 by sohail_4233 for further discussion.

@cade The issue still exists in ray1.13 it is not resolved. It would have been better if such a powerful library had support to windows because here in the schools at UK most of our systems are running on windows.

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