Ray actors with tf logical gpus

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I was trying to integrate gpu logical partition with ray core actors for parallel gpu computation using single gpu with 32GB VRAM

@ray.remote(num_gpus=1 / PARALLEL_CALLS)
class AsyncClients:
    def __init__(self, cid):
        gpus = tf.config.list_physical_devices("GPU")
        if gpus:

                        for _ in range(PARALLEL_CALLS)
                logical_gpus = tf.config.list_logical_devices("GPU")

            except RuntimeError as e:
                # Virtual devices must be set before GPUs have been initialized

        self.cid = cid
        self.device = logical_gpus[self.cid].name
        self.model = client_model(self.cid)
        x_train, y_train = client_data(self.cid, NUM_CLIENTS)
        split_idx = math.floor(len(x_train) * 0.9)  # Use 10% of x_train for validation
        self.x_train, self.y_train = x_train[:split_idx], y_train[:split_idx]
        self.x_val, self.y_val = x_train[split_idx:], y_train[split_idx:]

    def get_parameters(self, config):
        return self.model.get_weights()

    def fit_and_evaluate(self, parameters, config):
        with tf.device(self.device):
            # train
                self.x_train, self.y_train, epochs=config["epochs"], verbose=2
            # evaluate
            loss, acc = self.model.evaluate(self.x_val, self.y_val, verbose=2)

Here, I divide entire my GPU RAM to use with ray but unfortunately I got into memory related errors.
Kindly help to resolve this issue of parallel training processes using single GPU.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

@MakGulati mind sharing what error you are getting? Looking at the code it seems

  • the init code will be called PARALLEL_CALLS times on the same GPU.
  • it’s also possible that the virtual devices is not well supported by Ray
  • or you are simply running out of GPU memory.

Thanks for reporting the issue @MakGulati

I’m going to mark this as resolved since @Chen_Shen provided directions to troubleshoot. Once you have a chance to try these we should reopen the discussion.