Publish dashboard port (aka. how to provide docker options to head node runned in container)

Hi all!

I’m trying to understand cluster yaml config (and in general the way the head node docker setup). This is my case: I’ve started the head with some custom dashboard IP:PORT setup:

The config in docker section contains -p PORT:PORT section as follows:

However the ports are not published. I see some messages saying, that Published ports are discarded when using host network mode. But… I can not see any entry enabling host mode…???

Also with --dashboard-host= --dashboard-port=8266 dashboard binds to docker container IP:

When I try to bind dashboard to my host IP --dashboard-host= --dashboard-port=8266` dashboard does not start:

I would appreciate any hints. Thanks!

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Hi @ijrsvt.
Could you please have a look?

@sebzur This sounds annoying.
Would you mind opening a bug report with a detailed reproduction of the issue?

cc @ckw017
Also, @ijrsvt do you have ideas on this one?

--net=host is automatically passed ray/ at 7f1bacc7dc9caf6d0ec042e39499bbf1d9a7d065 · ray-project/ray · GitHub
@sebzur What happens if you don’t pass -p 8266:8266 in the run_options?

Sure, tomorrow I’ll open the related issue and I’ll describe the details.

Thx! Now I see that host entry!

And as for your question - without port publishing entry (-p 8266:8266 not present in run_options) dashboard is still having issues while binding to local host IP.

But… Now I see that it’s (of course) OK - when running in container I can not bind to my local host IP, I should rather use container IP through $RAY_HEAD_IP. So having the following:

I get the dashboard connected do container (ray head) IP and specified port, but… It’s not in my host network… (it’s having docker default subnet) - while in --net=host it should be (as far as a understand things correctly).

So I can not access it from my host (without port being published - which is not possible in host mode).