Native library cannot be found when starting Ray

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I’m using Ray 1.9.2. When I run my code, that uses Ray, it works fine on Mac (12.5), but not linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4). I get an error with the attached callstack. Any help would be appreciated.

 INFO RunManager [main]: Ray runtime started @
 ERROR DefaultRayRuntimeFactory [main]: Failed to initialize ray runtime, with config {"ray":{"address":"","head-args":[],"job":{"code-search-path":"","id":"","jvm-options":[],"namespace":"","num-java-workers-per-process":1,"worker-env":{}},"logging":{"dir":"","level":"INFO","loggers":[],"max-backup-files":10,"max-file-size":"500MB","pattern":"%d{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss,SSS} %p %c{1} [%t]: %m%n"},"object-store":{"socket-name":null},"raylet":{"node-manager-port":0,"socket-name":null,"startup-token":0},"redis":{"password":"12398176"},"run-mode":"CLUSTER","session-dir":null}}
       java.lang.NullPointerException: {} doesnt exist. [native/linux/]
           at ~[tester.jar:?]
           at io.ray.runtime.util.BinaryFileUtil.getNativeFile( ~[tester.jar:?]
           at io.ray.runtime.util.JniUtils.loadLibrary( ~[tester.jar:?]
           at io.ray.runtime.RayNativeRuntime.start( ~[tester.jar:?]
           at io.ray.runtime.DefaultRayRuntimeFactory.createRayRuntime( ~[tester.jar:?]

Can you explain how you installed Ray on your Linux machine? Looks to me that your ray installation is incomplete.

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Sorry for the late response. You were right about this being an installation issue. I created a new conda environment and resolved the packages and this issue got fixed.