Kube-ray with RayService not creating port 52365

I’m experimenting with the ray sample for stable diffusion on ray serve: Serve a StableDiffusion text-to-image model on Kubernetes — Ray 3.0.0.dev0

I was trying to understand why the readiness probe fails and couldn’t find.
When debugging i was trying to reach the head svc fqdn withint the kuberay operator pod, but that timed out.

That’s when i saw that my raycluster head svc doesnot have port 52365 listed in the svc configuration.
If i exec into the head svc pod i can see that it’s running and listening to port 52365

sd-raycluster-mktt4-head-svc   ClusterIP   <none>                                                                          10001/TCP,8265/TCP,6379/TCP,8080/TCP,8000/TCP   38m

The kuberay-operator is making calls to port 8265 instead of 52365 which returns a 404
According to this doc: RayService troubleshooting — Ray 3.0.0.dev0
It should make calls to port 52365 which runs the dashboard-agent

Observing the head ray logs i can see those requests to the wrong port:

2024-06-03 11:51:07,615	INFO web_log.py:206 -- [03/Jun/2024:18:51:07 +0000] 'PUT /api/serve/applications/ HTTP/1.1' 404 172 bytes 597 us '-' 'Go-http-client/1.1'