Issue running TuneGridSearchCV

Hi All,

I have issue with running gridsearch using TuneGridSearchCV and got error on ray worker and redis server.

This is the codes that I used:

from tune_sklearn import TuneGridSearchCV, TuneSearchCV

grid_search = TuneGridSearchCV(
                            estimator,  # sklearn.RandomForestRegressor
                            param_grid,  # has been defined in config
                            cv=cv,  # 5
                            scoring=scoring,  # MAPE
                            n_jobs=Config.MODELLING_CONFIG['GRID_SEARCH']['n_jobs'],  # 8

PC Spec

  • Windows 10
  • python 3.7.4

ray tune installation steps:

pip install ray[tune] tune-sklearn 

I have tried adding the following but it didn’t work :slightly_frowning_face: