Is there a way to add keys to a SampleBatch if rollout_fragment_length = 1?

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TLDR; 2 questions:

  • is there a technical reason that SAC has the rollout_fragment_length set to 1? I’d like to make it bigger than the length of an episode for my environment and I am wondering if changing this default value will present an issue.
  • Is there a way to add data to the sample_batch used for a custom_loss without relying on writing a postprocess_fn (which is limited by rollout_fragment_length setting)? if possible this would be preferable to changing the rollout_fragment_length

More detail;
I am looking at computing statistics based on entire episodes to create a loss function for an RL system. In SAC, the rollout_fragment_length is set to 1 but in the parent classes it has different values (SimpleQ has rollout_fragment_length = 4 and it looks like DQN inherits this value).

The reason this matters is that in a policy’s postprocess_fn, it takes in a sample_batch which has data with a length equal to rollout_fragment_length. This for instance means that I can’t do what is described here in SAC without changing the rollout_fragment_length.

Of course, changing rollout_fragment_length merely so I can add data to the dataset is a bit indirect and will affect other training factors (e.g. if the train batch is 256 and rollout_fragment_length is now set to 512 there is a lot of wasted computation) that are generally more important. If there is an alternative approach to doing a supervised loss on an entire trajectory without having to change rollout_fragment_length that would be better

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Hi @esquires ,

  • You can change the rollout_fragment_length in SAC - no issue with that.
    The amount of computation that you add by setting rollout_fragment_length=512 and train_batch_size=256 does not seem relevant to me. But rollout_fragment_length=256 would seem reasonable in that case.

  • Are you talking about adding offline data to your experience stream? If so, you can do something like "input": {"some_input_file": 0.5, "sampler": 0.5}. Have a look at our examples. for more context :slight_smile: