How to migrate pettingzoo to RLlib?

Currently i have a Pettingzoo environment that i wanted to train using RLlib but with no success. Is pettingzoo not compatible with RLlib? do i have to wrap my pettingzoo environment as a Gym environment? however how would that work with multiple agents? Should i just redo the environment following RLlib?

Im really lost right now so any help or links to documentation would be greatly appreciated!

This is the error i am currently getting:
ray.exceptions.RayActorError: The actor died because of an error raised in its creation task, ray::RolloutWorker.init() (pid=25608, ip=, actor_id=701c132f8e476310db1e589201000000, repr=<ray.rllib.evaluation.rollout_worker.RolloutWorker object at 0x0000023DFFF6AA30>)
ValueError: Env must be of one of the following supported types: BaseEnv, gymnasium.Env, gym.Env, MultiAgentEnv, VectorEnv, RemoteBaseEnv, ExternalMultiAgentEnv, ExternalEnv, but instead is of type <class ‘EVenv.DepotEnv’>.