How to change the ray session name format?

the docs (Configuring Ray — Ray 2.2.0) read:

Each Ray session will have a unique name. By default, the name is session_{timestamp}_{pid} . The format of timestamp is %Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S_%f

How can I change the session name format from ray.init()? I keep running into an error because the names are really long.

OSError: AF_UNIX path length cannot exceed 107 bytes: '/state/partition1/slurm_tmp/21322766.4294967291.0/ray/session_2023-02-02_13-15-02_941811_78876/sockets/plasma_store'

hi @alexlenail unfortunately we don’t allow you to change the path format as of today. Let us revisit the issue in 2.4.