How do I install ray[rllib] without atari-py?

Hi. I’m using rllib in a project. Is there a way to install rllib using pip, but without the example environments, especially the ones that bring in the atari-py dependencies? This adds a few minutes to each build.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @slinlee , no, these two dependencies (atari_py and gym[atari]) are currently “baked in” for pip installs of RLlib. It’s true, they are not needed for anything other than supporting Atari gym envs. For any other envs, removing won’t raise an error (just tried it myself). …

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Here is the PR: [RLlib] Remove atari dependency for RLlib (in favor of detailed error message). by sven1977 · Pull Request #15292 · ray-project/ray · GitHub

Pending internal discussion …

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