GCP Autoscaler: Solve Artifacts "Permission denied" error

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If you use the autoscaler for your Ray cluster on GCP and want to use an image you pushed to the GCP Artifacts Registry and then you encounter the following error:

Error response from daemon: Head "https://<LOCATION>-docker.pkg.dev/v2/<PPROJECT-ID>/<REGISTRY>/<IMAGE>/manifests/<TAG>": denied: 
Permission "artifactregistry.repositories.downloadArtifacts" denied on resource "projects/>PROJECT-ID>/locations/<LOCATION>/repositories/<REGISTRY>" (or it may not exist)

where is the location of your registry, check the following:

  1. The Ray Autoscaler Service Account is given the Artifacts Registry Reader role binding (or a role binding with even more rights).
  2. In the initialization commands attribute of your autoscaler yaml file you added the following command: gcloud auth configure-docker <LOCATION>-docker.pkg.dev --quiet

Has cost me some hours to figure this out, so I thought this helps others to spare their time.

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Thanks for sharing!

If more users run into this, perhaps it would be worth a tip on the docs.

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