Files in ".gitignore" are excluded from upload when submiting by sdk, why?

files in “.gitignore” are excluded from upload when submiting by sdk, why ?
have document for that rule?

my submit code:

tart = time.time()

client = JobSubmissionClient("http://xxxxx:8265")

job_id = client.submit_job(
    # Entrypoint shell command to execute
    # Working dir
        "working_dir": "./",
        "pip": ["requests==2.26.0"]

def wait_until_finish(job_id):
    s = time.time()
    timeout = 20
    while time.time() - s <= timeout:
        status_info = client.get_job_status(job_id)
        status = status_info.status
        print(f"status: {status}")
        if status in {JobStatus.SUCCEEDED, JobStatus.STOPPED, JobStatus.FAILED}:

logs = client.get_job_logs(job_id)
print("duration =", time.time() - start)

This is a property of working_dir: Handling Dependencies — Ray v1.10.0

We have an issue open to add a feature to disable this [runtime env] add "includes" or some other way of overriding "excludes" · Issue #18279 · ray-project/ray · GitHub. We can prioritize it more; what would be a good interface here? Maybe an environment variable to disable this behavior?

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