Exclude files/folders not working

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I am excluding a folder in runtime_env while submitting job, but it’s still trying to upload data from that folder.
Directory structure:

    -- src
          -- models
          -- main.py
    -- text
           -- start_job.py

In start_job.py, I am passing arguments as follows:

runtime_env={"working_dir": "../src/",  "excludes":["../src/models/"]} 
job_id = client.submit_job(entrypoint=run_script, runtime_env=runtime_env)

Here, I want to exclude “project/src/models” folder, but ray is still uploading data from it.

@shyampatel Thanks for the question

I think you will need to use relative path to your working dir, see Environment Dependencies — Ray 2.3.0

Does this work?

runtime_env={"working_dir": "../src/",  "excludes":["/models/"]} 

Yes, It’s working now. Thanks for pointing out my mistake.

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