Exposing dashboard, client and ray serve in kubernetes through NodePort

Hello, We have a Kubernetes environment backed by the load balancer. I am trying to use the above services through NodePort but unable to access them, has anyone used NodePort to access the services instead of clusterIP??

@Dmitri do you have experience doing this?

I don’t, but will look into it in the near future.

Hello, can you please share some updates on how can I use NodePort to access kubernetes cluster. I think it’s an important mode to access remote kubernetes cluster where IP’s are scarce resource or in cases where ray clusters are deployed in shared kubernetes environment.

Shouldn’t this be done with a LoadBalancer type Service? Seems to work for me in GKE (including a networking.gke.io/load-balancer-type: "Internal" annotation for VPC only access ) and assigning the resultant LB IP to a DNS record. In EKS you could define annotations in the service to define DNS directly.

Assuming that individual cluster nodes have public IPs, Just edit the service replacing type clusterIP to nodeport. Service | Kubernetes