Example for action masking (without action embeddings) for tuple action space

Hello, I was interested in adding action masking capabilities on a tuple action space (i am not interested in action embeddings currently) and saw that there are no available examples so I created my own based on the parametric_actions_cartpole example. I am sharing it for other noobs like me to have as a starting point. I would also like your guys feedback if you see anything wrong with the implementation.

import gym
from gym.spaces import Box, Dict, Discrete, Tuple
import argparse
import os
import numpy as np
import ray

from ray.rllib.models import ModelCatalog
from ray.tune.registry import register_env
from ray.rllib.agents.registry import get_agent_class
from export import export_all_models
from ray.tune.logger import pretty_print

from ray.rllib.models.tf.tf_modelv2 import TFModelV2
from ray.rllib.models.tf.fcnet import FullyConnectedNetwork
from ray.rllib.utils.framework import try_import_tf

tf1, tf, tfv = try_import_tf()

class ActionMaskingTupleCartPole(gym.Env):
  """Masking tuple action version of CartPole.

  In this env only the first dimension of actions is actually valid, the rest are just for demonstrating action
  masking in tuple action space

  At each step, we emit a dict of:
      - the actual state observation
      - a mask of valid actions, the length of which is the total length of all action dimensions
       (e.g., [0, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 1] for Tuple([Discrete(2), Discrete(5)])


  def __init__(self, tuple_actions_shape):

      self.action_space = Tuple([Discrete(i) for i in tuple_actions_shape])
      if self.action_space[0] != Discrete(2):
          raise Exception("The first Action dimension must have 2 possible actions!")

      self.action_length = sum([i.n for i in self.action_space])
      self.wrapped = gym.make("CartPole-v0")
      self.observation_space = Dict({
          "action_mask": Box(0, 1, shape=(self.action_length, )),
          "state": self.wrapped.observation_space,
      # Left move always at 0 index and right always at 1
      self.left_idx = 0
      self.right_idx = 1

  def update_avail_actions(self):
      self.action_mask = np.random.choice([0, 1], size=(self.action_length,))
      # Always have one of the two actions available
      self.action_mask[0] = 1

  def reset(self):
      return {
          "action_mask": self.action_mask,
          "state": self.wrapped.reset(),

  def step(self, action: tuple):
      if action[0] == self.left_idx:
          actual_action = 0
      elif action[0] == self.right_idx:
          actual_action = 1
          raise ValueError(
              "Chosen action was outside the 'real' space",
              action, self.action_mask,
              self.left_idx, self.right_idx)
      orig_obs, rew, done, info = self.wrapped.step(actual_action)
      obs = {
          "action_mask": self.action_mask,
          "state": orig_obs,
      return obs, rew, done, info

class ActionMaskingModel(TFModelV2):
  Parametric action model that handles action masking.

  def __init__(self,
               true_obs_shape=(4, ),
      super(ActionMaskingModel, self).__init__(
          obs_space, action_space, num_outputs, model_config, name, **kw)
      self.action_embed_model = FullyConnectedNetwork(
          Box(-1, 1, shape=true_obs_shape), action_space, num_outputs,
          model_config, name + "_action_embed")

  def forward(self, input_dict, state, seq_lens):
      # Extract the action mask tensor from the observation.
      action_mask = input_dict["obs"]["action_mask"]

      # Compute the predicted action embedding
      action_embed, _ = self.action_embed_model({
          "obs": input_dict["obs"]["state"]

      # Mask out invalid actions (use tf.float32.min for stability)
      inf_mask = tf.maximum(tf.math.log(action_mask), tf.float32.min)
      return action_embed + inf_mask, state

  def value_function(self):
      return self.action_embed_model.value_function()

if __name__ == "__main__":
  args = parser.parse_args()

  register_env("am_cartpole", lambda _: ActionMaskingTupleCartPole([2, 5]))
      "am_model", ActionMaskingModel)

  cfg = {}

  config = dict(
          "env": "am_cartpole",
          "model": {
              "custom_model": "am_model",
          # Use GPUs iff `RLLIB_NUM_GPUS` env var set to > 0.
          "num_gpus": int(os.environ.get("RLLIB_NUM_GPUS", "0")),
          "num_workers": 0,
          "framework": "tf",

  cls = get_agent_class(args.run)
  trainer_obj = cls(config=config)

  for _ in range(5):
      results = trainer_obj.train()

Essentially the main change I made to the parametric_actions_model was removing the dot product on the forward function, which to my understanding is required only for the action embeddings. Also when inittializing the FullyConnectedNetwork() I changed the action_embed_size to num_outputs so that all available actions are part of the output.

Please let me know what you guys think, all feedback is appreciated!

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Cool. I’m trying to do this for a tuple action space with simple Q. I’ve got it working for PPO but simple Q doesn’t like the tuple action space. I’ll create a separate thread.

sorry for the late response. To my knowledge, RLlib’s implementation of of DQN does not support tuple actions. Best of luck though!