Evaluation using other trial's model parameters

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Current ray tune supports to report the metric by each trial. However, if I want to acquire the model parameters from other trials to help current trial’s evaluation, any suggestions to implement this?

Hi! Can you elaborate a bit how this would exactly look like? I.e. what do you mean by model parameters etc.

Ray Tune can use search algorithms (e.g. Bayesopt, or Tree-Parzen estimators (hyperopt/optuna)) to inform the search for new configurations. Here, the search algorithm learns from the results from previous trials to generate configurations for future trials. Is this what you mean?

Thanks for your reply. Yes, what i want to do is as follows.

RayTune manage three trials, trialA, trialB, trialC.
When I want to evaluate a model performance in trial_A. I want to notify trialB and trialC to send their DNN’s model parameters to trialA. Because I want to reconstruct my expected DNN’s parameters using all trial’s DNN’s parameters. It has nothing with searching configurations.