Error in the QMIX example: 'dict' object has no attribute 'environment'

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Hi everyone!

I have one question about running the QMIX example about TwoStepGame.

I have tried running that example, but I am stuck at the start.

When I try running it, there is an error describing "‘dict’ object has no attribute ‘environment’ " in the code(below figure) that is “get_trainable_cls(”

스크린샷, 2022-11-22 14-06-16

At first, I thought that the problem is my running command.
But even though I changed it with a lot of variations, it is not worked with the same error.

Thank you for reading and plz help me…

get_trainable_cls(“QMIX”).get_default_config() returns a ConfigObject nowadays, not a dict.
Are you using possibly an older version of Ray?

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