Disable catching exceptions?

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Not sure if this is specifically a RLlib issue, or more to do with Ray/Tune, but: I know how to debug rllib code using ray local mode, and for breakpointing that works fine. However, if an exception is raised, e.g. in the trainer or in an environment, that exception is caught somewhere. When that happens, my debugger doesn’t stop execution where the error happened, but rather ray/rllib handles it and exits. It’s not a huge issue, as ray/rllib will print the error and where it happened, but it means that if I want to inspect what’s happening I need to put a breakpoint where the exception happened, and restart the program. If it’s early on not a big deal, but if it happens only after some time, or not every time a line of code is executed, it’s cumbersome. Is there an easy way to disable ray/rllib catching all exceptions in workers/trials/wherever these exceptions are being caught?