Customizing Actor Dashboard to Display Actor State

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I’d like to understand if it is part of ray functionality to allow Actors to export state, that state would be viewable and/or controllable from the dashboard. Can I define an attribute on my Actor class and reflect the state of that attribute in the actor dashboard so I can be more aware of what the actor is doing?

Additionally, Is it possible to send signals or commands to an actor from the dashboard? If, for example, my actor is processing events from a Kafka topic, can I create a button on the actor dashboard with a label of ‘Pause’ that, when clicked, mutates the state of the Actor? The Actor would be checking the state of the IsPaused attribute so it can stop consuming the topic.

I don’t think we currently show user-defined states for actors in ray dashboard.

Do you think we can support this? cc: @rickyyx @sangcho

RE your second question, this seems a feature particular to your use case. We will probably note it down and see if there are similar needs in the future. How do you achieve it now?

We maintain a database table of possible configuration values. Periodically, the actor checks this table and adjusts its own state. This leaves us with multiple places where we need to monitor actor state, and I’m trying to simplify that workflow.

I was thinking that a decorator applied to property: ‘@raydashvisible’ would be a cool API.

When the decorator is applied to the property the value is displayed in a column with the same name as the property variable on the dashboard.

I see. Could you file a feature request here? Sign in to GitHub · GitHub
We’ll add this to our backlog and plan for it.