How to kill actor from CLI or dashboard?

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Is there a way to kill an actor from the CLI or dashboard? I know we can use ray.kill(handle) from within a driver script or from within the job submitted to a cluster but what about killing a misbehaving actor if the job does not have the kill logic? Is there a possibility to send a signal to an actor from the CLI or dashboard, like a kill button on dashboard or from CLI like: ray kill actor_id?

Hey @raycharles ,This has been one of the feature requests we received before!

Please open an issue on ray with your specific usecases and people with similar thoughts could upvote it, and we will be able to track the progress on it.

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We will consider this resolved expecting you to file an issue. Once you have done, include the link to the issue here. For now we’ll consider this resolved.

I have created a github issue for this topic: CLI: kill actor via ray kill actors *actor_id* or via dashboard · Issue #39240 · ray-project/ray · GitHub

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