core.ray::IDLE files in root dir


Trying to figure out why these files are being created in the root dir /.
I seem to be running out of disk space. I can’t seem to find an documentation as to why this might be.

Some info:
I am initializing ray with no special arguments: ray.init(object_store_memory=estimated_object_store_memory)


  • ray 1.1.0
  • Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS
  • python 3.7

Any insight would be appreciated.

Is this the core dump file?

Can you try disabling core dump on your machine and try again? How to abort a driver program elegant?

Is this the core dump file?

These seem to be generated from ray whilist, ray is running.
Nonetheless, I can try doing this and report back.

Edit: Not sure why these would be core dump files tbh, unless ray processes are being killed while ray is running without much logging and they are generating these files.

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@Shubham_Vij lmk how this goes!