Connect to Ray Dashboard in EC2 Instance

Hey everyone! I am new and using Ray in AWS. Recently, I set up the Ray cluster using an EC2 instance. All works very well however, I have a problem showing the Ray Dashboard in the browser. I am running ray dashboard config.yml. in EC2 and then I connect to the instance using ssh -L 8265:localhost:8265 user@server_public_ip but cannot see anything in the browser. I even tried the same code to connect the head node, but still facing the same issue. I wonder if there is anyone who had the experience before to help with it.

BTW, when I try to connect to the head node facing the following error:

bind []:8265: Permission denied ray dashboard

Not sure If it is required to modify the instance security group or not?!

cc: @sangcho may know more about it

Hmm I think you are supposed to run ray dashboard [config yaml] in your local machine. And then you should be able to access it from localhost:8265

Thank you @sangcho for the response - I will try it out and would report the here