Can't connect workers to cluster

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  • High: It blocks me to complete my task.

Can somebody for the sake of God tell me please how to connect two machines to ray cluster I did everything as said in youtube tutorials and ray documentation i get gcs error can’t match gcs address or firewall is preventing acccess both machines firewall is off. I am asking again and again and no body helps. please help me.

Hi Sohail, I really apologize for the experience you are having.

@Alex , can you please try to pair program with Sohail? @sohail_4233 , what is your availability like on Monday/Tuesday?

@Ameer_Haj_Ali Yeah that would be really great, I am really concerned about this as the research is completely paused and I am so desperate for the results as this is very important in my career and this is a medical research and this will help in research progress. @Alex can you please help me with it ? we can program it together to fix the issue. Anytime would work for me tomorrow that is monday 06/06/2022. But I am in London so please let me know your availability along with the time zone you are in so I can schedule accordingly.

Thank you.

Will make sure to follow up on this today.

thank you very much @Ameer_Haj_Ali I am so grateful about your help, I am really burned out like tried with different verions of ray and python and tried out a lot.

I will be awaiting for your follow up. please help me fix this out. it is cancer data from government and we are hoping this results will contribute for further research. And I have spent lot of time preprocessing the data and I dont want to step back at the end just because of this issue. so @Ameer_Haj_Ali I request you to please help me out regarding this.

Thank you again.

@sohail_4233 are you able to meet after 6pm tomorrow or 3pm on Wednesday (in london time).

btw feel free to reach out to me on slack (my handle is @alex)

Hi @Alex 3PM wednesday will work for me.

Sure @Alex thanks, I will check this out.

Hii @Alex are you here?

result was that the multi-node (windows) issues went away with 1.13, there are still some firewall issues.

Marking as resolved, @sohail_4233 please create a new post if you need more help!

Hi @sohail_4233, did you fix your issue? I’ve met the same issue when creating a cluster of two windows 10 using version 1.13. I’m wondering if there is any preliminary requirement before setup a cluster, e.g., make network sharing? If it is, how can I do that? Anything I need to do for the firewall?

@Yuhang_Zhang windows multi-node support is experimental. Would you mind posting a Ray GitHub bug report detailing the issues you encountered?

Hi @Yuhang_Zhang , the issue was not resolved. it is not the setup required it is just that ray only works well with linux and mac OS.

I have tried a lot with windows but it does not work at all.

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