Cannot copy AMI ami-0a2363a9cff180a64


in the ray documentation there is an example yaml file, which was a quite good help for us. The only issue is that the example file uses an AMI which is in the AWS region us-west-2. This is the ID of the AMI: ami-0a2363a9cff180a64
We are sitting in the EU, so we’d like to use EU AWS regions, but that AMI (ami-0a2363a9cff180a64) cannot be copied, AWS says “You do not have permission to access the storage of this ami”.

Do you maybe have another AMI in the EU, or how could we copy that AMI?

Thanks in advance.


cc @Dmitri What’s the recommendation here?

So anyone lands here: We found a very similar AMI version which is in the eu-central-1region.
ID: ami-098c6a0ba4ca426e4
Using that is solves the issue. We can close this ticket.

Thanks for pointing this out, and glad you were able to figure this out!

This indicates a regression in AMI validation stemming from a recent refactor in Ray cluster configuration format.
I’ve posted an issue to track this:

Somewhat confusingly, you could currently get correct behavior by /deleting/ the ImageId field for each node type.
Then Ray would autofill the correct deep learning AMI for your region.