AWS: Can't find AMI

I’m following the quick start guide for ray clusters. I’m getting the following when running ray up -y config.yaml:

create_instances: Attempt failed with An error occured (InvalidAMIID.NotFound) when calling the RunInstances operation: the image id ‘[ami-0a2363a9cff180a64]’ does not exist, retrying.

I suspect I’m running in a region of AWS where that AMI is not available. So:

  1. How do I find out which AMI I should be using?
  2. How do I articulate that to ray?
  3. If a satisfactory AMI is not already available in my region, how do I make one?

I usually use the Launch Instance Wizard to find an AMI. Usually, I’m looking for one that:

  • Matches the docker container infrastructure - Amazon Linux 2 is often a good choice
  • Has the necessary drivers - eg I often use one like “Deep Learning AMI” as it has GPU drivers

You can specify in the node_config section. For example:

            InstanceType: g5.xlarge
            ImageId:  ami-01a16356ed2a310d1