workerStartRayCommands not affecting helm install resulted worker

Hello everyone,

Installing Ray with deploy/charts/ and everything works fine. I’ve changed one value in deploy/charts/raycluster.yaml - workerStartRayCommands:
workerStartRayCommands, by adding one line command ‘touch’:

    - touch /home/username/impossible.txt
    - ulimit -n 65536; ray start --address=$RAY_HEAD_IP:6379

Fully reinstalled everything from scratch, but I cannot find this file, and it isn’t permissions or anything like that, I’ve tried my own docker image with cron service I with to start and many other things - it is obvious for me that workerStartRayCommands doesn’t affect a way which ray worker starts.

I even deployed cluster without line ulimit -n 65536; ray start --address=$RAY_HEAD_IP:6379 and worker started anyway.
What did I get wrong?

Seems it works now well, image is fixed or smth.

Thanks @skabbit for the update. Please let us know if you still need any help.