Workers are getting uninitialized

I am using ray with Linux through ubuntu.
I upgraded ray version to latest 2.1 from then not able to request for workers (aws ec2 instances),
every time I am requesting for them, they are processing as-
waiting-for-ssh > launching> uninitialized.
note* - With ray 1.12.0 everything was fine.
Thanks, help will be appreciated through social platforms.


I guess if you launched ray cluster using yaml file, then you need to configure ssh_user and ssh_private_key in Auth section.

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I am using ssh_user & ssh_private_key.
I am getting now following error:
2022-11-16 05:53:40,402 WARNING – Dropping the empty legacy field head_node. head_node is not supported for ray >=2.0.0. It is recommended to remove head_node from the cluster config.

Issue got solved, it was version issue, installed latest ray version on all 35 nodes

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