Worker global_timestep after resuming runs

Hey all! I am training RL agents in an environment with a “curriculum” variable tracking the training timestep. As I run my simulations on a cluster where my jobs can get killed, I’d like to resume my runs. To set the right timestep in the environment variable after resuming, I am using a callback that, at every episode step, sets this environment variable to the global_timestep variable of the RolloutWorker (worker.policy_map[‘my_agent’].global_timestep). However, it seems that this global timestep variable is properly set only after the weights are updated. As a result, after resuming runs, the timesteps variable restarts from 0 until weights are updated and, in evaluation, it is never set to its proper value. Is there a way to sync workes (also the evaluation ones!) right after the restart, or maybe a better solution to my problem? Thank you!!!