What's the meaning of "python_version"?

When submitting a job, we can use custom “runtime_env” which includes “pip”. In the document(Environment Dependencies — Ray 1.13.0), there is an example for “pip”, like this:
{"packages":["tensorflow", "requests"], "pip_check": False, "pip_version": "==22.0.2;python_version=='3.8.11'"}

what’s the meaning of “python_version”?

This refers to the Python version that your application workers will use.

if I use python 3.8 in my local environment, I want submit a job using python 3.6 to a ray node which uses python 3.7 in its environment, how could I do this?

If you want your job to execute with python 3.6, you would specify this as the python version in the runtime environment. This should work even if Ray was started with a different Python version.

I would recommend trying to use the same Python version between your script and your local environment, though, to avoid compatibility issues.