What's the difference between submission_id and job_id for ray job

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I select the job unique id to associate with our internal ray system.

In the doc Ray Job Submission API Reference — Ray 2.1.0, I find that jobid will be deprecated, does the community have a specific time plan to remove jobid? The worker logs in /tmp/ray/session_latest/logs/ still has the suffix jobid.

What’s the plan?

Ray drivers (any python script that runs ray.init) are called “job”. So if you just start any driver, they have the job id. This is the job id that’s used for worker logs.

The API you are seeing is the API for “submitting” the job. It is called “job submission API”. When you submit a job via job submission API, they will have a submission ID to keep track of the status.

Here’s a short example.

# s.py
import ray
# Do some work
python s.py # Start a new job with a job id 010000. No submission id.
ray job submit -- s.py # Start a second new job with job id 020000 and submission id XYZ

ray job status XYZ # Get the status of the job that has submission id XYZ. 

I am not sure about the specific timeline for the deprecation plan. cc @aguo for the timeline

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