What if python version doesn't match between client and server

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Hi all,
I have a project which needs a ray client to submit a task , and the ray client is python 3.8 while ray server is python 3.10. I encountered the error: opcode 128. So what should I do to submit the task successfully since ray client has to be python 3.8 for some reason? Thank you so much for your kindness response.

hey @JUAN_CHEN welcome back to the community!

I think the expectation is that python/ray should be on the same version for the client and server. However, i’ll let our client/server maintainer give a definite answer. cc @ckw017

As Chen mentioned, we expect the client and the server to be on the same version of Python and Ray. In particular, under the hood we’re using cloudpickle to serialize objects which requires that the same version of python is used for serialization and deserialization. Details: cloudpickle · PyPI

Cloudpickle can only be used to send objects between the exact same version of Python .

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Thank you @ckw017 and @Chen_Shen .