Visualization tool: Plot the response surface and optimization trace


Is there any visualization tools within Ray tune ?

I would like to plot the response surface and optimization trace as depicted with ax library. Ax · Adaptive Experimentation Platform

Hey @AhmedM- yes! Tune comes with integrations with Tensorboard, MLflow, Comet ML, and W&B for visualization, so you can use whichever one you prefer.

You can find more information about the integrations here:

Thank you for anwser. However,l don’t find any ray visualisation tool to do the following:


As mentioned in the link of the description.

Ah I see. Yes, that’s right, Ray Tune itself does not have any visualization tools. You would have to use some other library for visualizations.

For example, it seems like you can just continue to use the visualization tools provided by Ax, just like what’s specified in the guide that you linked.