Using Optuna hyperparameter importance on Ray Tune experiment with Optuna as search algorithm

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Optuna has a handy function [optuna.importance.get_param_importances]( that can be used on an object.

I was wondering how one may go about using this function on a Ray Tune experiment where the search algorithm is optuna, so that I can get which parameters were considered important by optuna?

Hey @stephano41, ah I don’t think we have something like this for Ray Tune.

The optuna study is saved as a private attribute in the OptunaSearcher, so a hacky way to do this would be to pass in optuna_search._ot_study into get_param_importances.

But let me create a Github issue to track this feature. [Tune] Support for Optuna `get_param_importances` or equivalent · Issue #25522 · ray-project/ray · GitHub.

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