Use of Ray logo in blog

I want to write some posts about Ray and RLlib on my blog (only good things :slight_smile: ). Is it ok to include the Ray and/or RLlib logo for these blog posts?

Of course, I would not claim that Ray is my invention or that Ray endorses my blog post or anything like that.
I’m not very experienced with licenses and wasn’t sure if Apache 2.0’s limitation of trademark use means that I cannot use the logo. So I decided to just ask.


Hey @stefanbschneider!

That would be perfectly okay! Also if you would like, you can always republish your blog in our medium blog (Distributed Computing with Ray – Medium) as well to amplify your original blog post ). Let me know if you are interested and i can send you more information!

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Also if you happen to be publishing in medium already, you can submit to our publication

Great, thanks! I’ll reach out to you once the blog post is ready :slight_smile:

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Also be sure to submit for Ray Summit!

What format should submitted proposals and (if accepted) talks at the Ray Summit have?

Hello Stefan - sessions for Ray Summit should be 25-30 minutes in length. You can submit now via our Call for Proposals:
We’re asking for a title and abstract. If you have other questions, feel free to reach out to me directly: