Unable to ssh to head node

I am using AWS, using a modified version of amazon-ray/defaults.yaml at main · amzn/amazon-ray · GitHub with my own instance + ssh info. I am able to ssh onto the EC2 vm that exists in the AWS platform by default, but when i run ray up on this config it seems to spin up a new head-node, following the format “ray-[cluster_name]-head”. I am not able to manually ssh onto this machine like i am the default one, and ray up also times out on the ssh step for the same reason.

Is there a way that I can run using the default instance instead of the newly spawned one? if not why am I not able to ssh properly? Thanks!

cc @Dmitri @Alex, since this seems like an autoscaler/cluster launcher issue.

@pdames would you be able to help with this Amazon Ray question?