Unable to see recorded videos with `monitor: true` in the RLlib configuration file

I am trying to record videos of my RLlib experiment using the monitor: true configuration option. I have modified my configuration file as follows:

    env: CartPole-v1
    run: PPO
        episode_reward_mean: 150
        timesteps_total: 100000
        framework: torch
        gamma: 0.99
        lr: 0.0003
        num_workers: 1
        observation_filter: MeanStdFilter
        num_sgd_iter: 6
        vf_loss_coeff: 0.01
            fcnet_hiddens: [32]
            fcnet_activation: linear
            vf_share_layers: true
        enable_connectors: true
        output: "/path/to/folder" 
        output_max_file_size: 5000000
        compress_observations: False
        output_compress_columns: set()  
        monitor: true

I am using RLlib CLI to run rllib train file confi.yaml.

However, after running the experiment, I cannot find any video files in the results directory. According to the RLlib documentation, setting monitor: true should save Gym episode videos to the result directory.

In addition to using monitor: true in my configuration file, I also attempted to record videos by setting render_env: True. However, this did not resolve the issue, and I still could not find any video files in the results directory.

Am I missing something in my configuration, or is there an issue with the video recording process? Any guidance on how to resolve this issue and successfully record videos of my experiment would be greatly appreciated.

What version of RLlib are you using? We had to remove this due to incompatibility with Gym/Gymnasium for now. The issue here is fundamentally on our side, because we did not update the docs. I’ll make sure that the docs are updated.

TLDR: monitor=True has not been working for a couple of releases now.