Unable to add more than one tag keys for metrics

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I am looking into adding customer metrics in my rayServe application (following documentation here) and found something interesting. I cannot add multiple tags to tag_keys argument for let’s say Counter metric. I see that the argument is expecting Tuple[str] with one argument (source).
Any reason why multiple tags are not supported? While setting default_tags, a dictionary is passed which can contain multiple tags

cc: @sangcho @rickyyx

I believe you can set multi tags by proving multiple values from tuple?

tags=(“tag1”, “tag2”, …)

Oh yes, it works. The IDE (pycharm) shows warnings but it works as expected.
Most likely IDE issue then. Thanks!

If you are interested, IDE warning (when I try to add 2 tags): Expected type 'tuple[str] | None', got 'tuple[str, str]' instead