Trying to deploy ray with docker

Hi there,

I am trying to deploy ray serve for my machine learning models (tensorflow + pytorch), using docker.

I have three questions:

  • First of all, is there any docker image for ray serve or is it OK just to use a ray image and add code into it for the server ?
  • In the documentation it tells me that after running ./ I should get the following images: ray-project/deploy ray-project/examples and ray-project/base-deps but I don’t have these images (see below), why ? I have other images prefixed rayproject and there is no deploy image. In consequence, the following test command does not work: python -m pytest -v test/ # This tests some basic functionality.
  • When I run ray.init() from within the container, it tells me that there is not enough shared memory available (see below). I gave it 1GB just for test, but I was surprised that ray suggests me to use 40GB instead ! Is it mandatory to have 40GB available just to get correct results/ inference performance?

Images created:

  • rayproject/ray
  • rayproject/ray-deps
  • rayproject/base-deps

Output of ray.init():
WARNING -- WARNING: The object store is using /tmp instead of /dev/shm because /dev/shm has only 67108864 bytes available. This will harm performance! You may be able to free up space by deleting files in /dev/shm. If you are inside a Docker container, you can increase /dev/shm size by passing '--shm-size=41.47gb' to 'docker run' (or add it to the run_options list in a Ray cluster config). Make sure to set this to more than 30% of available RAM.

Thank you very much for any help !

Edit: I have a fourth question now: Building the image myself, I cannot use the GPUs. Apparently, the doc says that there is an image rayproject/ray-ml for that. I will try it out. But then, why recommending to bulid the image ourselves if there is a ready-to-use image on docker hub?

Hi Tim! Thanks so much for asking, let me see if I can answer all your questions:

  1. The rayproject/ray and rayproject/ray-ml images have Ray Serve installed!

  2. See #4 below. Also, as a meta, note, please refer to our ‘latest’ or ‘master’ docs, as they are the up-to-date!

  3. You can run with less shared memory, but it will reduce performance (using disk instead of RAM). The amount needed is about 30% of the system’s total memory.

  4. The rayproject/ray images on DockerHub should be sufficient. For GPUs make sure to use one of the ‘-gpu’ images. If you wanted the Ray 1.1.0 image with GPU support it would be someothing like rayproject/ray:1.1.0-gpu. From this, you can build off of this with something like:

FROM rayproject/ray:1.1.0-gpu

RUN pip install -U --no-cache-dir <PACKAGES>
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Hi, thank you very much for your answers :slight_smile: