There's no PyPi wheel release for Linux aarch64 since 2.21.0. Wondering why?

High: It blocks me to complete my task.

Hi, we realized there’s no release for linux aarch64 wheels since 2.21 (ray · PyPI). Wondering why? This blocks us as we dev on linux arm64 ec2 instances (cheap price) and connecting to some x86 GPU cluster. The GPU instances automatically upgraded to 2.22 and it caused error like

RuntimeError: Version mismatch: The cluster was started with:
    Ray: 2.22.0
    Python: 3.10.12
This process on Ray Client was started with:
    Ray: 2.20.0
    Python: 3.10.12

Wondering if the team has plan to continue support for Linux aarch64. Thanks

Hey pcpLiu - see our new weekly release policy - we release aarch64 in pypi every base 10 release (ie: ray 2.20, ray 2.30 etc)

See GH ticket here for more details: Ray Weekly Release · Issue #44276 · ray-project/ray · GitHub

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