The versions of PyTorch and CUDA toolkits compatible with the version of Ray Tune

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Hi All,

We started using Ray Tune 4-5 months ago. The version we used was 1.13. Although the library is easy to use, we were struggled to get it to run stably. Later on, we saw that the error we got from running Ray Tune 1.13 was fixed in Ray Tune 2.0. However, previously, we also struggled to find the right version of PyTorch that compatible with Ray Tune. Are there any web documents that let us know the PyTorch and CUDA toolkit version compatible with Ray Tune version? If so, would you mind pointing us to the webpage or providing us the URL?

Thank you very much


Hey @sreaung, all Pytorch versions should be compatible with Ray Tune.

Could you provide more information on the incompatibilities you are seeing?