Testing model performance after every training episode


I would like that after each iteration, the agent checks the model on a dataset that it has not previously seen in order to understand if there are changes in the performance of the model and, if so, save the checkpoint of a particular iteration. How can I do that ? Perhaps there are examples where I could read about it

Learning Algorithm - PPO
I read about the fact that you can use 2 gym environment. One for training and second for testing. But not have ideas about implementation
maybe i can do it using tune.Tuner or with classic algo.train()

Update: maybe validation_env solve my problem ?

My code:

    config = (
        .rollouts(num_rollout_workers=0, num_envs_per_worker=1)

    algo = config.build()

    for _ in range(1):
        result = algo.train()
        algo.validate_env(TrainEnv, config_test) # maybe this can help

Take a look at evaluation related configs you can use:

There are also examples available utilizing these settings.
Let us know if anything looks confusing.

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