Something wrong when I compile a py file to excutable with ray function

When compiling a Python file to an executable file on Linux and encountering the error message Failed to register worker and No such file or directory, it is likely due to the fact that PyInstaller is not able to correctly bundle the dependencies required by Ray。
I encountered an issue while compiling a Python file to an executable file on Linux. The error message I received is:2023-08-17 18:32:06,914 INFO – Started a local Ray instance. [2023-08-17 18:32:36,968 E 19173 19173] Failed to register worker 01000000ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff to Raylet. IOError: [RayletClient] Unable to register worker with raylet. No such file or directory。
I suspect that the issue is related to the compilation process using PyInstaller. I want to distribute my application on GitHub and would like to translate the above text into English to create a new issue. Thank you for your help!