Shared Ray Cluster

Hi, I’d like to run several Ray Tune jobs that are based on a different models.
Each such model comes from a different code base. I.e., one model will be cleated from the /develop branch while another will be created from the /qa branch.

AFAIK, it is impossible to share the Ray cluster for different jobs.
I.e., the cluster is ephemeral and ad-hoc, suitable for a single Tune job.
I’ve gathered this from Share the Ray cluster - #3 by Alex

Could you please confirm this or state otherwise?
Can jobs be launched on Ray cluster outside the Ray driver process, issuing ray.init()?

Hey, you should definitely be able to run multiple jobs in a single cluster, Ray just doesn’t provide strong security isolation between the jobs.

For most organizations/teams this should be fine.

You shouldn’t code on the same cluster as a malicious job though.