Set scheduling_strategy to SPREAD when using Modin on Ray

Hi all, I’m using Modin API on Ray.
When I call function such as .count(), from the dashboard I saw that tasks are distributed unevenly among nodes, one node is heavily loaded, while the cpu utilization of other nodes is quite low.
I saw there is one configuration in Ray called scheduling_strategy, by default it is set to value DEFAULT, and there is another value SPREAD, I think maybe by setting the scheduling_strategy to SPREAD the tasks can be more evenly distributed. However I was not able to find where I can set the configuration in the code, do you guys have any idea on this? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

cc @jjyao to follow up.

Hi @j_j123,

I’m actually not familiar with Modin APIs. I’m not sure if they allow you to pass scheduling_strategy="SPREAD" to the underling tasks. Could you ask in the Modin community?

@devin-petersohn Could you advise? Thanks!