[Serve] Set placement group for deployment actors?

How do I set placement group constraint for serve deployment actors? I found ray_actor_options parameter for deployment config, but it does not look like it supports scheduling_strategy or placement_group params. Help?

@dirtyValera Asking the server group

cc; @eoakes @Sihan_Wang Are we supporting placement groups for serve.deployment actors, as we do for Ray Tasks & Actors?

Hi @dirtyValera, ray serve support setting placement_group and scheduling_strategy into the serve deployment.

example: https://github.com/ray-project/ray/blob/master/python/ray/serve/tests/test_replica_placement_group.py#L46

thanks @Sihan_Wang. Perhaps we ought to document it, so others can find it. Currently, we only have examples for Tasks and Actors., even though serve deployments, technically, are Actors deployments.